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U-Pick News and Farm Updates

***8/11/18 Farm - U-pick update***
Things are slowly winding down on the farm...
***Starting Mon 8/13/18 we will start opening at 10am everyday of the week 10-4pm Mon-Sun.
Blueberries and Blackberries are still in their prime for picking.
Raspberries - there are still some but they are getting very ripe and very close to the end their season.
There is still some lavender in the field for now available for u-pick.
Loganberries - pretty much the end of their season, there are still some out there but have hunt to get them, recommend that you bring your own container to take them home in as they soak thru the boxes.
Boysenberries - pretty much done.
We have prepicked 2lb containers of blues for 8.00, 1/2 flats of blueberries 5lbs for 16.25 and 1/2 flats of raspberries and blackberries for 12.00 while they last each day. We do not reserve flats or pick in the rain.
Blues 2.75lb for u-pick all other berries are 2.25 lb

We provide picking buckets and send you home with your berries in a box at no charge.

 Available at the U-pick stand - our yummy preserves, honey, culinary lavender, lavender buds and oil.

🍓Sliced strawberries in 1 gal 8lb buckets are $24.00
                                         4 gal 30lb buckets are $90.00

       Raspberry puree in 1 gal 8lb buckets is $24.00

     Whole washed Raspberries in 4 gal bucket are $75.00


***We are a pet free farm -  if you choose to bring your pets they have to remain in the car - way too hot right now and we have little to no shaded parking, sorry as we love our pets too.

Please email with any questions or call or U-pick line at 360-683-5563 but note that messages are often not returned until the next day.